Improve font management in LinuxMint

  12 years ago

Today I had to start a work project which needed some "professional" fonts, and searched a lot on forums and googles and such in quest for some information to install and configure fonts.

Although the process is quite simple (sudo-paste the font files on /usr/share/fonts folder), I think it is rather obscure and/or underdocumented, as opposed to Windows or even KDE which have some programs to install the fonts (KControl)

I think the best way to do so would be to create a context menu entry "install font", for the user to right-click the font file and install it directly.
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dagon 10 years ago

As remoulder points out you can already install a font(ttf/otf) file by double clicking on it (gnome 2.32 in my case) and therefore I mark this as implemented. It's not under the context menu as you wished for but it's working.

It would help a lot with a link to the duplicate.

blueXrider 11 years ago

duplicate idea

RedGhost 11 years ago

In Mint all you have to do is double click the font and it will open in a viewer that has an install button and it will easily install your fonts.

DJCrashdummy 12 years ago

maybe also this idea will be interesting:
Provide a way to manage fonts easily

remoulder 12 years ago

From Gnome 2.30 release notes "New fonts can be installed by double-clicking the font in Nautilus" assuming you are using Isadora.

What you are suggesting needs to be done upstream, the mint team doesn't have the resources to do things like this.