Terminal Services or RDP solution to Linux

  7 years ago

Linuxmint being such a stable Desktop solution should have a featureful, robust way to provide graphical desktop session services to multiple users (what is called RDP in Microsoft's jargon).

VNC servers and RDP emulators are not enough:
-VNC by default allows a user to see 1 graphical session, or multiple users to see 1 graphical session, but each user cannot have his own graphical session that no one else can see, at least not without an enourmous amount of technical effort.
-RDP emulation software is unstable, unreliable, hard to set up properly and performs poorly

Should Linuxmint embrace a solution such as FreeNX's technology that allows multiple users to remote into a PC to their individual session, or even shadow another session, right out of the box, Linuxmint - as I was saying- would be embracing a KILLER FEATURE and would become a serious option for businesses.

So my idea is: can we take advantage of FreeNX's technology to embed into LinuxMint the power of multiuser remote desktop sessions as in a turnkey solution

**EDIT**: Forgot to mention that FreeNX for example, supports Linux to Linux connections as well as Windows to Linux connections. The interoperability is crucial.
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hurinth 7 years ago

Yes exactly! if it is already there, lets make it possible to easily allow users to achieve what they can achieve with a product such as Remote Desktop.

But please don't miss the point: this is not about being a Microsoft's copycat or using their protocols just because, its about adding the functionality that is missing.

We dont have to use RDP to fulfill this idea, FreeNX for example is nothing like RDP and its free. The capability is out there! The whole point is about putting that power directly into LinuxMint's distros, natively. Why are you people so disgusted with the idea of having another powertool in your OS of choice? Why demote it??

Hammer459 7 years ago

Built into X (Linux windowing system) is the ability to run many sessions on local hardware or over network. So it is already there, has been from the beginning some 25 years ago. The configuration could possibly be better.
Employing a Microsoft protocol to implement what is already an integral part of the display system in Linux/Unix is probably a bad idea as Microsoft tend to change their private protocols to keep others out.

hurinth 7 years ago

>>>"I don't see the average user crying out for such a feature"

Just google "linux remote desktop how to" and you'll see.

>>>" linuxmint is intended to be a desktop OS not a multi-user server"

Who said servers are the only machines accessed by multiple users? You just haven't heard of Use Case scenarios. The reason I posted this idea is because at work, I have around 25 computers I would have running on LinuxMint already if it wasn't because of the simple fact that my 57 users sharing those PCs can't access their own graphical session individually running linuxMint. We have Windows PCs hacked in such a way that the registry allows multiple RDPs.

Just consider this for a second: is Windows RDP a powerful feature lacking in most Linux distros? Yes or no?
Wouldn't LinuxMint have the advantage vs other distros? Wouldn't that make it the leader in terms of functionality? And real functionality too, otherwise why are contact centers migrating their users to virtual desktops for example? Yes, this is not the average user, but think for a moment about the average user and you'll see we all get a real nice benefit to take advantage from. Besides, why not let enterprises put LinuxMint on the spotlight and say "Really?? LinuxMint supports multiple remote desktops???"

Here is another thought: you have your "average user" out there in the Internet deciding which distro to try next. There is OpenSuse, Fedora, Ubuntu, blah, blah, blah. Why not let those users say "hey, the truth is, no other distro lets me connect on port 22 as easily as LinuxMint to allow me a secure graphical session out of the box, while my little sister is playing SNES games in her own session. I'll stick to LinuxMint"

Bang!! another leecher to the latest KDE version torrent, or Cinnamon or whichever =D

And finally, why demote the question?? Wouldn't you love to have this feature in your LinuxMint toolbelt???? Would you really hate to be able to connect remotely through SSH to your graphical desktop???

Thanks all.

remoulder 7 years ago

I don't see the average user crying out for such a feature, linuxmint is intended to be a desktop OS not a multi-user server. Of course you could always build your own spin but shouldn't expect someone else to do it for you.