Update Manager: please create a notification option for kernel updates

  8 years ago

In Mint 17, Update Manager has been improved a lot. But one important feature is still lacking, in my opinion: an option to enable automatic notification of available kernel updates.

Currently, the only way to check for available kernel updates, is by checking manually (toolbar: View - Linux kernels). An automated notification can be useful for people who, for security reasons or otherwise, prefer to always have the latest available kernel.

This could for example be implemented by a checkbox on the "Levels" tab of the Preferences, below the checkbox for "Always show security updates". It might be called something like: "Always show kernel updates", with below that a warning about possible stability issues.
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kissarat 8 years ago

Someone must make list of packages to notify about. Where to find info about which packages is kernel related. I would implement this feature

Karenlee77 8 years ago

Yes an automated reminder would be gr8 ..'also the instructions how to boot into the previous kernel' should it go amiss with the update..agreed wonderful suggestion : ))

fred_B 8 years ago

Good idea to have this. I was running a much older kernel and didn't know I could upgrade it. I ran across it by accident.

headache 8 years ago


simulacres 8 years ago

agree too need this feature

pakun 8 years ago

I agree, nice option for people concern about security. Even when it is already easy to manually install it, this auto reminder would help us a lot.

scimmiettarossa 8 years ago

seems reasonable, and I do not see any disadvantage

draco1 8 years ago

It's a great idea, especially for users new to linux!

jtflynnz 8 years ago

I think it would be nice to have the option!

Suranga_SL 8 years ago

Sounds like a great idea. Definitely should be implemented....

fodder 8 years ago

It's okay either way for me. I have always been accustomed to checking for updates on a regular basis anyway. I'm just a noob, but some noobs don't need to mess with this anyway, so, I am unbiased as to whether or not it's included, or the way it is. I'm good with it.

warkd 8 years ago


jahid_0903014 8 years ago

good one..

Lvsithor 8 years ago

Indeed a great idea!

dundree 8 years ago

Sounds like a great idea. Definitely should be implemented.

gagaman 8 years ago

Sounds like a good suggestion.
It would simplify the updateroutine of the mint system.

midas 8 years ago

@xenopeek; that was exactly what I was considering. I tried updating by using Synaptic and the Terminal-method. But it didn't brought me to the latest kernel-updates. Relevant is that there is a kernel-package installed by default by the Mint-developing team that prevents installing the latest available kernel-version provided by Ubuntu.

xenopeek 8 years ago

Useful read on what Update Manager is about: http://segfault.linuxmint.com/2014/07/update-manager-more-kernel-info/. You're free to use any other package manager to do your updating, and perhaps there is one that does what you need?

Pjotr 8 years ago

I've found a somewhat crude workaround, which I've added to my website:

But it's a somewhat crude method, because now Update Manager will probably offer future kernel updates pre-checked. And I'm not sure how Update Manager will classify them.

Currently, there's no usable hack to let Update Manager automatically offer you kernel updates *unchecked" in Linux Mint. At least that I know of. So only the Mint devs can help out...

Pjotr 8 years ago

@Hammer459: well, I would already be happy with an *option* to show them automatically (and unchecked)....

Kernel updates are the most radical of all updates, which might justify treating them as a category of their own. So maybe it's wise not to show unchecked security updates for the kernel *by default*, alongside the "ordinary" unchecked security updates of level 4 and 5.

But I think we should have an *option* to show them alongside those. I think it's preferable to let the user decide whether he wants to be alerted automatically about new kernels or not...