shutdown/hibernate quick shortcut

  6 years ago


I would really enjoy to speed up almost daily task - shuting down my laptop with only as few keys pressed as possible.

Desired state:
1/ press windows key to get to the mint menu
2/ press cursor "up" to get to the shutdown icon in the left section of mint menu (I think it is called bookmark area)
3/ hit enter to execute shutdown

optional desired state: to have users select whether hibernate or shutdown will be executed

Currently I can do this only with mouse clicks. With keys only I get to the right section of the menu and cannot get to the bookmarks section.

Main motivation for this is efficiency and speed the keyboard in comparison with mouse clicks.
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jahid_0903014 6 years ago

You got a legal point there, but Ctrl+Alt+End will do it for you nicely.

Not being able to navigate to the shutdown button with keyboard is not a good thing at all, but this functionality is provided in other means:

Logout button: Ctrl+Alt+Del
Shutdown Button: Ctrl+Alt+End
Lock Screen Button: Ctrl+Alt+L

caverdan 6 years ago

Mint 17 has a new feature which I believe is exactly what you are looking for. You can access the shutdown options with Ctrl-Alt-End

Hammer459 6 years ago

Make the shortcut yourself.
It is probably a bad idea to have this as a default shortcut though.
How to make a shortcut? Check the documentation for your Desktop Environment or turn to Forums (where this discussion belongs anyway)