A Link in the "NEW IDEA" form to a short tutorial, what a idea is meant to be.

  7 years ago

A newby might enjoy to "save" his newest idea in that form, independent what it is realted to, but the more enthusistatic the more the idea is related to LinuxMint or Linux in general.

Soon he will find humiliting comments like "SPAM".

It would be easy to prevent disencouraging new users like this.
A short Link Text:
"For new users - what ideas are to published here"
So he will now, there are some restrictions and the idea is not saved but published to everyone.

The link itself could lead to the great tutorial here:
Or even better to a very short brief and a further link to the complete tutorial.

If a link like that is annoying to experienced users there is no need to show it after n ideas ... You all might know how what number n should be.
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MagicMint 6 years ago

The link you propose is a _must have_, so it could be left permanently. We need this, really, so promoting.

Rebel450 6 years ago

As I said many times before.

Hard to understand, why no one follows up - they prefer to shout like

not an idea...
your opinion...
use the forum...
spam ...

bla bla bla

what a waste of the users patience, energy and time ...

of course promoted

vincav91 6 years ago

Very useful idea.

Vicro 7 years ago

Nice ideea.

lib2know 7 years ago

thumbs up :) thanks

jahid_0903014 7 years ago

Now this is an idea, and a really good one, though it has already been planned by @xenopeek somehow but there's no official post (idea) about that except this one. So keep it up..

lib2know 7 years ago

ah, i understand.
my intention is to link from the described place.
it's only a small change, but very useful to every new visitor.

Hammer459 7 years ago

I mean that it was the intended use for the tutorial #1773

lib2know 7 years ago

ah, i understand, thanks.
so, do you mean my idea is just a duplicate?
can you give me the link to the first post?
i could not find his "general idea" in the ideas list ...
thats one of two reasons why i started this here.

Hammer459 7 years ago

This was the general idea when @xenopek started the tutorial, that is still under review. You will be prompted to read the guidelines before posting