Improve The Mint Custom Google Search

  9 years ago

As a Linux Mint 9 user,I am currently running Firefox as my default web browser and find that the Mint Custom Google Search is ugly and inefficient.Many people say that you should just remove it,but it is the biggest source of income for Mint and so I don't want to.I think that the Mint team should change it a bit more,to make it look nicer and run better.
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twipley 6 years ago

Is that one already implemented, as it says? Since when?

AIPHEE 8 years ago

Definitely agree, mint search engine is unusable. There are many missing functions and it cant be searching in CZ locale.

nexus_uwaterloo 8 years ago

how about some links to the other Google services as well?

DynamicMan 8 years ago

If the custom search is Mint's largest source of income, surely improving it as much as possible must be a top priority!

Does Google's solution for custom search have any technical limitations that stops this from happening?

JoeTheTechGuy 8 years ago

I'm using Mint 10, Firefox default browser as well (can't wait til the Mint devs put Firefox 4 in the repositories where it belongs), and I agree, the Mint Google search could use some sprucing up. Particularly all those links across the top of the page for web, images, etc. They're just standard blue links, and since I have the web of trust (WOT) addon installed, every one of them has a little green circle next to it. Some CSS/HTML changes to turn those links into some nice looking buttons that don't have WOT circles next to all of them would be a huge improvement. Another improvement would be eliminating the part of the page that says "Search results for a+b+c." Just ditch that part, and instead - if possible - maybe do what does: if you input a typo like "a+bc" instead of "a+b+c," have it auto-correct and say something like "Showing results for a+b+c. Search instead for a+bc." And moving all the links to the right a little so they're not squished against the left side of the screen would be a nice aesthetic improvement as well, even if nothing is put in that new space

maxmir 8 years ago

I love the Mint Custom Google Search -- in combination with Google's default country search (I live in Morocco) it annoyed me so much I just edited myself a Google UK version for normal use and a Google France version for when I need a good Francophone slant. Sorry about the loss of revenue to Mint, but after 30 years in IT and being redundant yet again, sympathy is not my strong suit.

AlbertP 8 years ago

If there was a link to the forum and community at the start page, I would use it as homepage in Chrome.

What I also don't like is that 'Advanced Search' gets black after clicking, but this will be an easy to fix CSS bug.

passstab 8 years ago

the only reason i don't use it is because it's incompatible with the eff's https everywhere extension

spyngamerman 8 years ago

if u would like to fix it yourself please use the guide here
hopes this helps anyone who is having problems :)

darmok_at-tanagra 8 years ago

The Mint search is horrible, and is reflecting badly on the distro. If I wanted to run nag-ware or ad-ware, I'd install windows.

Yes, I understand the custom search is a huge revenue stream, but can't you at least make this optional and not CRIPPLE the browser? Currently you have to jump through hoops to get the default google search back... and I still can't remove the Mint CSE search addon!

Forcing things on users like this is one way to NOT get my support. I would, however, feel more inclined to actually use the custom mint search if it was optional... But at least give me the choice!

(BTW, the mint home page is starting to look like a freaking link farm... I guess anyone who wants some "link juice" can donate $5 and get a link to their site, no matter how tacky it is.)

Sigh, things are starting to smell not so fresh in mint land...

d3Xt3r 8 years ago

I agree with the majority of the comments here. Please improve mint search. I understand that it's the biggest source of revenue but if you don't want to improve it atleast offer the end user the choice of their own engine. Even Microsoft is now forced to offer a choice of search engine in IE! It's a shame that Mint is forcing this upon innocent users. Makes Mint look very unprofessional.

If you need a webdev, beta tester or whatever assistance in this matter, I would be glad to offer my time and services. But please, please, please fix this soon - hopefully by Mint 11!

Ioseph 8 years ago

The mint-hijacks of google are what I don't like about mint. Everything else is ok. Come on Mint you can do better!

AlbertP 8 years ago

@hasuin: The country redirect is done by Google itself, not by Mint.

orionthehunter 8 years ago

It's the first thing I remove from a Mint installation. If it were at least laid out decently I wouldn't have to.

hasuin 8 years ago

Please no-country-redirect-google.

foggytown 8 years ago

This is the single biggest failure of Mint. If it was improved I would quit changing it. There is no elegance and certainly no freedom in the present implementation.

grim 8 years ago

I dont think you should remove it, improving it though would be a good idea :\

RobinJ 8 years ago

Just remove the "Custom Search", it's stupid and annoying.

RobinJ 8 years ago

Just remove the "Custom Search", it's stupid and annoying.

DanielSmedegaardBuus 8 years ago

I second this, if at all possible, whatever custom content is needed should be placed to either or both sides of your search results, as on a small laptop all you'll see above the fold is Mint stuff and an input field. This is the only reason that I install the regular Google accelerator in Firefox. And it sucks to do so, as it voids whatever help the packaged version would give the Mint project.