Users, Alphabetical Hyperllinks

  12 years ago
  Under dev. review

Can you add a group of hyper links at the top of the Users pages to enable linking to the first of the names that begins with a specific letter of the alphabet.

As an example A|B|C|D|E... etc,

As the number of registered users grows it will be difficult to find a general area in the list, especially since you can only see links for three 'pages' at a time at the bottom of each page. For user names that begin with a number, will they be before A or after Z?
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blueXrider 11 years ago

Ideas, Views and Sorting
Multiple Releases ( and/or Editions) in Profile
Viewing Countries
Alignment of -- People from this Country
Sorting -- in People from this Country

I see a pattern here

jackherbert 13 years ago

@dawdoc:good pointg

dawgdoc 13 years ago

@jackheart: with a search bar as the only access, you would have to remember a users name almost exactly

jackherbert 13 years ago

I agree that this bit doesn't feel quite finished. I don't really see why I would look for someone there, but what about just displaying a page of the most recent registered and then a little search bar at the bottom for all the others?