Add a section "Links"

  6 years ago

A section where users can add links to websites comparing LM-functionality or reviewing LM.
Also links to non-commercial software that is not covered by software manager.

This way we can reduce number of similar ideas and/or tutorials with these types of links that are essentially spam when posted as idea or tutorial
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michelsaey 6 years ago

Great idea!

zantaz 6 years ago

+1. This idea is great !

xenopeek 6 years ago

Great to see another idea from you Hammer459 :)

This is sort of already there though not as discoverable. You can post a link as a tutorial. Under tutorials you can select as format "link to other website" to view all links, or search only links. That's not the same as your idea, but that's a place where this can already be done.

This may be a good idea but with all that needs work and attention there just hasn't been the time to sit down and add features to this website, and nobody has stepped forward on any of the new feature ideas to help either :( Basically this website is in maintenance mode (bugfixin only) till a new contributor steps up.

It's open source and development is done on Linux Mint's GitHub project: If anybody is interested in helping to implement new features, get in contact with the development team or you can always also contact me to get you in touch with the team.

jahid_0903014 6 years ago

That's a good idea...