Add an English and a Persian user guide for KDE

  7 years ago

I could translate the user guide in Farsi if an English PDF were found.
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xenopeek 7 years ago

From the monthly news from August:

A new project was started to improve the quality and access to documentation in Linux Mint. The “Official User Guide” is now automatically generated to various formats such as PDF, ePUB, HTML, translated in various languages on Launchpad and integrated within the OS as a Yelp DocBook guide. In Linux Mint 17.1 you should therefore see it in your own language by just press F1. We’re also tying various parts of the OS with the help system to give better contextual help. Pressing F1 in the Update Manager for instance will show the appropriate relevant paragraph on Software Updates.

I don't know whether a separate KDE user guide will be made, but I doubt it as the presently available KDE user guides (for Mint 9 and Mint 12) were created independently by local communities. Those guides are too old to be very useful today I'd say.

Hold on till the above becomes available, and then you can contribute to translation effort in a better way than is currently done. KDE of course has its own documentation, for those things not specifically Linux Mint but general KDE.

Hammer459 7 years ago

While I think that it is the people at that should produce this document it is still a problem that it is missing.

onstrike 7 years ago

This is needed. People who are new might want to read such a PDF for KDE. Promoted.

jahid_0903014 7 years ago

I see, there's no english translation for LM KDE, that's too bad..