Tutorial Print Button

  11 years ago

On the Tutorial pages, how about installing a Print Button? I have a problem reading large amounts of data and retaining it between my ears and much prefer to print theses things out! (Especially if they are long or complicated.)

Yes, I know you can copy and paste into a document but this would be far more convenient.
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oscar799 9 years ago

I am marking this idea "Considered"

baffle-boy 11 years ago

at first i thought this was a good idea, then i realized that firefox HAS a print button under file -____- becomes kind of useless once you know that eh?

SeanBest 11 years ago

Copy, open gedit, paste, print.

Print button and features would be nice, but not a top priority imo.

Centaur 11 years ago

A print CSS stylesheet can be written that only shows the text and none of the navigation bars (ie. display:none). All modern browsers can interpret a print stylesheet, so that when you print it, it uses the print stylesheet.
The bandwidth needed for such a feature would be very minimal.

thx1138 11 years ago

Save it by printing to pdf.
No reason to have a function that eats up server ressources.

heltonbiker 11 years ago

It is very usefull if the tutorial involves going to "black screen" mode or reboot the computer and type some commands (grub, for example)