Xfce: please include Xfburn 0.5.2 in Mint 17.1 Rebecca

  8 years ago

In Mint 17 Qiana, the version of the DVD burning application Xfburn is 0.5.0.

Which is a fine version, but two months after 0.5.0 its author, David Mohr, has issued version 0.5.2. This contains small bugfixes and, more importantly, better support for BluRay. See this announcement:


Please include Xfburn 0.5.2 in Mint 17.1 Rebecca. In my opinion it's by far the best DVD burning application for non-KDE-desktops!

P.S.: I have tested it in Mint 17, by installing a .deb package from the Ubuntu repo's for 14.10 Utopic:

No problems whatsoever, 0.5.2 performs fine in Mint 17.
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xenopeek 8 years ago

Linux Mint 17.1 Xfce has xfburn 0.5.2-1

slicktak 8 years ago

+1 making the latest and most stable software available by default is always good. Especially when it comes to media output.

Pjotr 8 years ago

@Rustyp: no it doesn't.

Rustyp 8 years ago

After you install Linux Mint then go to Menu and type Update Manager when it runs and you update everything dosent it automatically update the program to version 0.5.2 ?


FransEZ-man 8 years ago

Good choice