Xfce: please remove the "mark as executable" requirement for desktop shortcuts

  7 years ago

In Xfce (with Thunar 1.6.3) you can create a desktop shortcut for an application launcher from the menu.

So far so good, but when you double-click this desktop shortcut in order to launch the application, a dialog pops up which asks you to mark the shortcut as executable first.

This is needlessly confusing for beginners and rather user-unfriendly. Please remove this "paper cut" from Xfce, at least in Mint 17.1 Rebecca...

P.S.: I've also filed a bug report upstream at Xfce, but of course that can't have any effect until the next Thunar release.
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jahid_0903014 7 years ago

Every executable should be authenticated by the user first, whether it's a laucher or shell script or whatever....

Hammer459 7 years ago

@slicktak FYI "Considered" is the new name for the status previously named "Rejected"

slicktak 7 years ago

@remoulder This is precisely why there is a "Considered" status for Ideas. Simply because an Idea doesn't fit your perfect Mint-world doesn't mean that it's bad.

Pjotr 7 years ago

@remoulder: maybe it can be fixed easily downstream, so we won't have to wait for years, until the next Xfce release... And years it could well be. Xfce currently has no timetable at all. Plus: upstream is usually quite happy when downstream submits fixes for upstream packages. Saves them time and effort.

Pjotr 7 years ago

@Rustyp: Linux Mint Xfce is another edition of Mint. Not main editions Cinnamon or Mate, which is probably what you have.

Rustyp 7 years ago

Speaking of beginers whats a Xfce, I searched the Menu for Xfce it returned nothing.

Also typed in Thunar in the Menu search thing it returned nothing.


remoulder 7 years ago

If this is a thunar bug then it is for the xfce developers to resolve not mint.