Add missing link for German User Guide for Cinnamon (Qiana)

  8 years ago


is still no link for the german user guide;

with the Rebecca release now -
its a good time to update the link -
at least for the "17.o release

Here is the link for your assistance, pls:
(NO spam !):

btw: Rebecca is well done, still waiting for the update via
software manager....

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Rebel450 8 years ago

updated links (target has changed yesterday :-{ ) :





Mate 15 Benutzerhandbuch:

In case of further broken links,
I have just downloaded them all - will forward by request (via eMail?)


Rebel450 8 years ago

@ xenopeek:

Highly appreciated.

Just by the way:
The users "welcome screen" (after login on Mint17 Cinnamon)
does include the link to

(and so; there a solution is needed...)


xenopeek 8 years ago

The normal process is for author(s) to email a download link for a new translation of the Linux Mint User Guide (in both .pdf and .odf format) to the Linux Mint development team with request to upload it to the main server. As referred to in the translations forum. Nobody has seen fit to do that yet I take it.

However much you may expect this, the development team doesn't browse the Internet all day to find if somebody somewhere made a new translation available. They have a few other tasks taking their time ;-)

In any case, Mint 17.1's User Guide is in a new format (Publican) and the idea is for future translations to be using that as well.

onstrike 8 years ago

It would be good if they created German documentation including the user guide, so I can get behind this.

Hammer459 8 years ago

That may depend on the fact that all the other documentation is official hosted by Mint and yours is unofficial and hosted by other site.
I am not valuing the quality, just noting that fact