Start Page should give focus to the search input

  11 years ago

If we want mint's start page ( to be usefull, we have to (at least) automatically give focus to the search input.

It can be easily made by using javascript, i.e.:
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RayWoods 9 years ago

Yes, I've just looked at "Linux Mint Debian 201204 RC (MATE/Cinnamon & Xfce) released!" with currently, 203 comments, I selected a very specific comment and put it into the search box. It took me to a Linux Mint 12 article! We should have the ability to search a single article in staed of everything.

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Alexio 11 years ago

I voted +1 so I care about this idea :) I would suggest to use a better approach that works on any website: use bookmarklets.

In this case you may use the ¨Google Site Search¨ bookmarklet from and you can find some other useful bookmarklets for your java-script enabled browser from the website.

See the Enhance the community website with bookmarklets idea for more information about bookmarklets.

vipek 11 years ago

I guess probably nobody is using this site as its default, and that's why nobody cares about it :)
But imagine that everytime you go to you have to click on the search input before you can start typing. It would be annoying, right? :)
And this is exactly how it is for me on