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 Add "Recently used programs" to MintMenu (similar to Windows XP)

Created 8 years ago, edited 8 years ago.
Status changed 7 years ago

53 votes

After I got the idea and got used to it, the feature of listing most used applications from Windows XP menu helped a lot. It makes unnecessary to configure an important part of the menu, since it is a kind of a "favourites" section, but which has intelligence.

Some times of my life, I spent a lot with messaging and web surfing, so Pidgin and Firefox were always on top.

During some work projects, Autocad, Solidworks and InDesign were on top.

And so on.


7 years ago

Yes, I like this one...

New > Considered
7 years ago

Yes it should be added

MintMenu> Preferences> Options>
7 years ago

Nice idea but it should be an optional plugin.  
7 years ago

sounds like an interesting idea!
BUT i will only see this as an optional plugin! - so you maybe can choose all programs and favorites and/or recently used programs (for those who are too lazy or unexperienced to setup their favorites)!
--> this will maybe help some newbies coming from windows, but personally i won't use it! - so please only optional!!!
7 years ago

I can see the benefits of this to some people, but I personally don't want it. I am quite capable of organising the apps that I really want onto my 'Favourites' pane, or with keyboard shortcuts.
If this becomes a reality, then please allow it to be an option, the same as the 'Recent Documents' is within MintMenu. If you make it a default then you will just end up having to release an update due to all the people who complain that they don't like it.
7 years ago

Sounds like a great idea!  
7 years ago

it would be really so nice to have this feature handy. most users only use 3-5 programs routinely and several documents everyday. digging your favorite program every time you log in to your computer is counter productive.

I hope that his get implemented soon
8 years ago

Mint Menu is THE reason i switched to Mint (from Ubuntu 10.04). But i still miss the automatic "most used" apps feature of Windows XP/7.

The "Favorites" menu from Mint is great, but its NOT the same: the *automatic* feature from XP is what really makes it shine. Its boring to customize, would be MUCH better if it had some sort of intelligence to auto-add (and auto-sort) most used apps.

We could still use pin/unpin, just like current menu does.
8 years ago

I don't think it is necessary as you have the menu search function.  
8 years ago

This would be great if you had the ability to exchange it with the "favorites" section, since they perform similar tasks.  
8 years ago

I think it's a great idea.  

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