Check Disk on Shut Down

  11 years ago

Shouldn't it be more practical to make the routine check disk on shut down instead of in the start-up of the system?
In my particular case, when I start-up the PC is for working as soon as possible, so I usually cancel the task. On the other hand, if it was made to be performed on shut down, I can always leave the PC on, doing the checking (as I don't need it any more). And after that it should shut down by its own.
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Qruqs 8 years ago

Isn't there a setting for this?

Change that!


RayWoods 9 years ago

After reading @clem 's comment early on in this dialogue perhaps we should use the idea proposed by @blueXrider "How about a pop-up somewhere during the day to remind you. Would that be better?"

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mank_in 10 years ago

I don't like the idea , check disk on shutdown will make process power off computer take a time. start up linux mint very fast compare with windows 7

trollboy 10 years ago

The whole idea od fsck is to find and fix problems. Sometimes, this may require manual intervention which is a tad tricky when you are shutting down and no longer there.

It would mean that your PC would sit there with a message until you next started using it. At which point you would do your thing and it would shut down.

blueXrider 10 years ago

How about a pop-up somewhere during the day to remind you. Would that be better?

I would consider it a good thing that it was even checked. God knows I wouldn't do it.

dice 10 years ago

fsck is done to ensure data integrity, not for the sake of checking itself.
If you don't care about breaking your filesystem than you already have an option to skip this check in /etc/fstab
Normal people will stick to sane defaults anyway, so this idea is not just useless - it's plain wrong.

Steampunk-Nick 10 years ago

personally I always leave it to check the hdd on start-up but an easy gui tool to choose when to scan the drives is a great idea!

wanda 10 years ago

I check my own HDD with Gnome disk utility when I want.

zaenal1234 10 years ago

I also, do not like (to wait) 'check-disk at startup.
whereas, we want to be fast '(soon)' to use a computer on startup.

Lopau 10 years ago

Would be great to have some feedback from the development team, would it?

Lopau 10 years ago

@orionthehunter Why?

orionthehunter 10 years ago

This makes no sense for a laptop if I understand correctly. Not a good default option.

Rovanion 10 years ago

@billy How exactly do you power down on shut down?

billy 10 years ago

For those of us who power down on shut down, it's too easy to trash the hdd. If this option is added, it must be default off.

akash211 11 years ago

Great Idea. I also dislike check-disk at startup.

Lopau 11 years ago

Is there any news on implementing (or not) this idea?

Gecko 11 years ago

I would agree with this as long as it is an option. I live in a tropical area with frequent and severe thunderstorms. So I often need to shut down immediately and even pull the plugs on the computer and Internet.

DJCrashdummy 11 years ago

@pokemoncatdog: thank you for AutoFsck! I'll try it...!

@clem: well... when you rarely shut down your computer you also rarely turn it on! --> i think this is neither a pro nor a con!!!

and i think when the computer really shuts down after check disk is done, this won't disturb anybody! - problems should be displayed after next boot!

--> this is the preferred way by many newbies i know! BECAUSE...
-) they turn the computer on when they want to work (immediately) with it!
-) and under windows they act similar: they turn off and leave the computer before it really shuts down! - they don't want and have to wait the 30-60 seconds till it is really down!

pokemoncatdog 11 years ago

They already have this, it called AutoFsck. (It has a .DEB installer) 3.2/autofsck_3.2-1_all.deb/download

If you use Ubuntu, I am sure you know how annoying it is when you power-up your computer and FSCK begins to check your disks. That's because it's set to do so every 30-ish disk mount.

You can change this with a simple command but there is a better way of doing this: AutoFsck.

AutoFsck automates periodic disk checking in such a way that it no longer bothers the user at boot every 30 times, and is streamlined in a friendly graphical user interface.

AutoFsck works like this: when you shut down your computer, it finds the info on your disks and determines if your disks need to be checked and if so, it asks you if you want to check them. If you select 'yes', your drives will be checked before the computer shuts down and if you select 'no', fsck will not run the next time your computer boots.

Please note that AutoFsck does not stop fsck from running if the filesystem in question is flagged as unclean during boot. 3.2/autofsck_3.2-1_all.deb/download (ubuntu .DEB)

Rovanion 11 years ago

@Lopau I think we are talking past each other. We both like the idea of having the disk check running when you shut down the computer instead of when you are starting it.