Multiple computer setups for an account

  9 years ago

When the feature of listing the hardware of your computer becomes available here at one should be able to add multiple riggs to his or her account. Most of us, atleast those giving support, do not only have one but multiple computers running Linux Mint. As of that one should be able to bind multiple computer setups to ones account.
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clem 9 years ago

Each hardware device/entry relates to a particular release. Now that the module is available I'm marking this idea as implemented.

Rovanion 9 years ago

spionfox: You do yourself choose whether or not to upload a hardware profile so it is up to you to decide which sets of hardware should be listed on your account.

spionfox 9 years ago

I am running Helena from a Seagate 250GB portable HD which so far has been used on a couple of my PC's, one at work and several friends and neighbours. I might get confused with all the different hardware listed to my account!

Rovanion 9 years ago

The idea about uploading is duplicated here:

Rovanion 9 years ago

dawgdoc: Why cant you google for specific parts of your hardware? That is what I do all the time.

Mike_A 9 years ago

That would be great I agree that this would help to speed up the process of recording hardware. I know that I have found it very frustrating at times to find info on weather a piece of hardware was compatible or not.

dawgdoc 9 years ago

Kneekoo, I don't how much detail Clem wants in the module and will go with whatever is implemented. My thoughts were tending towards detail to assist someone having trouble with a given piece of hardware. Also, the Google search only works if you are using an off the shelf computer that has not been upgraded. I have home builds and upgraded mass produced boxes for myself and extended family.

premamotion 9 years ago

Nice thing! Please implement it now

Rovanion 9 years ago

These functions for reporting details about or computers, the hardinfo package as included by default in Linux Mint 8 could do the job and that data could be pulled onto the site. A full benchmark creates a good report that could be attached.

Marton 9 years ago

I was gonna suggest the very same thing, even gonna ask what tool to use to report our hardware specs so we all provide the same level of detail of our hardware...

kneekoo 9 years ago

heltonbiker, you have a point there. lshw could be used to automatically generate this data about the system and save it on the user's desktop so (s)he can send it to this new site. It would speed up things a lot. :)

kneekoo 9 years ago

dawgdoc, I guess we can find the specs witha simple Google search. I don't see why we would need to add such details but I do support the idea of multiple computers in one account. I was about to suggest it. :P

heltonbiker 9 years ago

there could be some sort of auto-identification of the computer (it is possible, isn't it?), and an auto-sugestion for the same machine if some minor thing got updated. Perhaps a "mint-login-maker" software "wired" to machine configuration?

dawgdoc 9 years ago

In the hardware list, not only consider listing the specific devices in a rig (ie Broadcom 4311) but also classifying the entire rig: Bleeding Edge, mainstream, last century (more than 10 y/o), laptop, etc

dawgdoc 9 years ago