Mint Menu - filtering - first found item should be immediately selected

  11 years ago
  Considered you don't have do press Down arrow key each time you want select it.

I'm often running Skype. And I'm doing it with my keyboard. Now I have to make 4 steps:

1. summon mint menu with "Super" key (I've already changed this shortcut from Control+Super)
2. type "sky" as a filter
3. press Down (or Up) arrow on my keyboard to select Skype item
4. press Enter

If the first item was immediately selected, I wouldn't have to perform step 3.
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kazztan0325 10 years ago

I would like to promote this idea, though this was already rejected.

clem 11 years ago

The filter field is also used for the configurable file search feature... pressing return defaults to that.

vipek 11 years ago

@Vincent: Super-key shortcut doesn't have to interfere with other shortcuts. Look at Win Vista: StartMenu appears after Super-key shortcut, but other shortcuts - like Super+D (show desktop), or Super+R (show Run dialog), or Super+L (lock screen) - are still working. So it is possible :)

vipek 11 years ago

Anyway, walking through mintMenu using keyboard is really hard.
Just try to Turn Off your computer using MintMenu and keyboard, and you'll know what I mean :)
It's not intuitive at all.

Vincent 11 years ago

DJCrashdummy > because setting mintMenu to open with Super_L would interfere with a LOT of Compiz keyboard shortcuts.

DJCrashdummy 11 years ago

by the way: I also changed the shortcut to open the mint menu to "Super_L"!
--> so why isn't the default shotcut "Super_L"??? i think most people are used to open their menu with "Super_L"!

thx1138 11 years ago

Add skype to your favourites in the menue.
Or define a keyboard shortcut.

JamezQ 11 years ago

Yea, I like it.