Enhance non-English systems with English terms

  5 years ago

Other languages often use a lot of English words, especially technical terms.

Translating a computer system and software is great, but some parts of LinuxMint seem to be translated "too much" - eg. when the Software-Manager cannot be found using the search term "software" (because it's name has been translated), or if words like "bitmap" get transalted into non-English words, that might be correct but still seem very odd...

Could we - optionally? - have the original English versions additionally to the translations: in start menu, software center...?

See forum thread:
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michelsaey 5 years ago

I find the translations very good, especialy for the ones that are not good with English ;)
A better way is to improve the search tool with translations like when you search for Software Manager that the result the translation is, in this case: Softwarebeheerder (dutch).

Either way, this is something for the developers of the desktop envoirments, you can post this on the folllowing pages:

Cinnamon: https://github.com/linuxmint/Cinnamon/issues
Mate: http://mate-desktop.org/community
Xfce: https://bugzilla.xfce.org
KDE: https://community.kde.org/Main_Page