We have too few screenshots!

  11 years ago

My idea is to make a campaign to promote adding screenshots to our software! IMO 99% of our software doesn't have a screenshot.

First of all - on this community site - where is the information about what screenshots I've suggested? There's no such information :)
I think there should be another section in MY PLACES menu called "My screenshots" or "My software". ("My software" would contain info about my app reviews AND my suggested screenshots)

Secondly, there should be some banner on the HOME page, which would encourage people to suggest a screenshot then they see that application doesn't have one.

What do YOU people think about that? :)
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clem 6 years ago

We're at 10% now, most of the packages for which a screenshot makes sense have one.

chrisreuter 6 years ago

Thank you, I agree, our brain loves visuals!
But let's take not any kind but good screenshots!

Boringbytes 9 years ago

We do still need more screen-shots. Packages with screen-shots are still at about 1%.

Viroscope 9 years ago

Screen Shots are a major selling point for most users. I think 99% of Linux software is free so it's not try before you buy it's look before you buy.

zaenal1234 10 years ago

true, with screenshots, we can imagine/describe the type/kind of software. so this is a good idea.

Tonya 10 years ago

"My screenshots" in "MY PLACES" is a very good idea.

robbrown 10 years ago


guv999 10 years ago

I agree and have contributed several already - as dagon says below, even terminal apps benefit from a screen shot. Would it be possible to do a blitz and assign a team of users specific apps to take screen shots of? I would very happily contribute to this

dagon 10 years ago

I think this is important really. Even programs you run from the terminal benefits from a screenshot. It shows you what to expect from the program and it just looks good. Even if you don't have an actual screenshot I think you could have an official logotype or whatever. Something for the eye.

m4daredsun 11 years ago

+1 also to thx1138. Points for uploaded screenshots would definitely help

m4daredsun 11 years ago

Yes, we do need more screenshots! +1

@everybody: read vipek's tutorial and start suggesting your screenshots

Elisa 11 years ago

How is it possible to contribute/help with screenshots? I like Shutter app which is awesome for making and uploading screens.. And I am crazy about making screens, see forum... :lol:

Boringbytes 11 years ago

We need more screenshots! I totally agree. Really, I don't see why there cant be more than 1 screenshot for an application. (sometimes you really need to see more than one view, to get an idea what to expect from a new program.) Maybe a banner or blurb on the main page would help encourage people to suggest screenshots.
I like the idea of a "My software" link in my places, to let you track your reviews,comments, and screenshots, or post the new ones you want to make.

vipek 11 years ago

99% is not only my opinion. If you go to: Community -> Software, you can read: "Packages with a screenshot: 0%" :)

BTW I think there also should be info in "Latest events" on the Home page when somebody suggests a screenshot (or maybe when it is accepted by moderator?).

vipek 11 years ago

I see that only logged-in users can suggest a screenshot, so there's a big chance that the information about our previous suggests exists in the database.

vipek 11 years ago

@thx1138: great idea!

thx1138 11 years ago

Users should get some user points for uploading screenshots. Maybe that's the kind of encouragement that's needed ;).

alchemist19 11 years ago

yeah right. we never have the software screenshot. maybe i'll support you about this

pbmuk 11 years ago

I think we do have to do more to encourage screenshots. I've done a few but I can't remember all of them (some were for software I checked out but then removed). It would be good to see all your activity on the site: "My Software", with screenshots and reviews, and also a "My Comments" section. This information could be made available in your profile section as an alternative.