Add Catalan to 'Other Languages' forum

  5 years ago

Let us add Catalan as a subforum in the "Other Languages" Forum.

Catalan is a official language in Spain, France, Italy and Andorra.
According to Wikipedia ( it is number 15 in the list of the most spoken languages in Europe together with portuguese ahead of Swedish, Bulgarian, Danish, Slovak and many more. The language is widly spoken and written in school, newspapers, books, television in the regions of Catalunya, Valencia, Balears, Andorra, Alghero and more.

There is a lack of catalan computer literature (Catala speakers have to switch to spanish or english). This might be a chance for extraordinary success of a LinuxMint forum in catalan language. Catalan speakers are usually proud of there language. The interest in Linux in Catalunya is high (,
LinuxMint should attract these region, too.
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lib2know 5 years ago

Hi Xenopeek, thanks for the implementaion of the new Catalan forum.
I try my best to keep it running :-)

xenopeek 5 years ago

We're always welcoming new languages. New forum is here:

I'd appreciate some topics about Linux Mint be posted in Catalan :) Like an introduction that the forum can be used for support questions/tutorials/chat about Linux Mint; perhaps even some tutorials for new Catalan Linux Mint users, or links to other resources for Catalan Linux users. Get the forum going a bit, and start getting it results on search engines when people search in Catalan :)