Tutorials on this Community: Save as draft

  5 years ago

Not every Tutorial cann be written on one session, and even not formatted.
Therefore a function "Save as draft" will be very helpful.
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lib2know 5 years ago

Hi :-)
@Oscar799 - thank you, thats the way i did it short of better ideas ;-)
@onstrike - Great ! that would have been better, even formatting survives!
@remoulder - oh, thanks for support ! i should have found your idea, cause it's pretty much the same. At least the karma is different ;-)

oscar799 5 years ago

There is a "save" function - a button at the bottom of the new tutorial text window
Unfortunately this posts the unfinished tutorial on this site
So,currently,the best method is to type your tutorial in a text file,keep it on your own machine until it is complete,then,as onstrike says,copy/paste it into the content box of the new tutorial window

remoulder 5 years ago

Duplicate suggestion, please search existing ideas before posting

onstrike 5 years ago

That's why you type them in an office application then you copy-paste them into the content box.