Option to add the file in the "Ideas" section of our website

  6 years ago

It would be good to add into the category of "Ideas" the ability to add photos and text files.
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xenopeek 6 years ago

Don't overuse this though; we have to review each and every link for spam :/ It would be fine to include one image link or one document link. Like add an image to illustrate your idea, or add a document link to a website or PDF where you have detailed the idea further.

xenopeek 6 years ago

You can link to images and documents on other websites. Using the HTML tags "img" and "a" for this.

<img src="url">
Replace url with the image link.

<a src="url">title</a>
Replace url with the document link, and title with the text to use for the link.

remoulder 6 years ago

Disagree, that would be a receipt for more spam. Genuine ideas should be presentable by a short description, any that are worthy of further investigation can then be expanded.