Photography tools: better placement in Software Manager

  6 years ago

There are some very powerful software tools for photographers in the Linux Mint repos, but they are hidden very well in software manager. Most users will only find them if they already know that these tools exist and search for them.

As these tools are not only grown-up rivals for software like Adobe Lightroom, but also fundamental for advanced photographers, I suggest them being sorted in software manager's category Graphics -> Photography in new Mint Versions to come.

Some of the software I suggest:

1. Rawtherapee (packets rawtherapee, rawtherapee-data, rawtherapee:i386)
2. Darktable (darktable, darktable-dbg, darktable-dbg:i386, darktable:i386)
3. dispcalgui (dispcalgui, dispcalgui:386)

1 and 2 are RAW developing tools for pro/advanced photographers. 3 is a gui for color management system Argyll CMS and essential for all photographers who want to use hardware calibrated color profiles for imaging. It supports hardware tools like Spyder or Gretag that are popular in photographer circles.
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RayWoods 6 years ago

To me this appears to be a good idea, in fact the Software Manager would benefit from a more thorough recatorisation of packages. Let's face it there are a lot of packages listed which muddy the waters and hide the primary applications we may be searching for.

ratisbona 6 years ago

remoulder: The distros of course can decide in which categories a software is listed. Ubuntu Studio 14.x, for example, sorts Dartkable and Rawtherapee in the "correct" category: photography.

remoulder 6 years ago

Categories are determined by the developer or packager not the distro.

ratisbona 6 years ago

I think so, Hammer459. Only tagging a few packages so that they appear in the best category/categories. In "all packages" or the general "graphics" category they get lost.

Hammer459 6 years ago

If this is something that is possible then absolutely!

ratisbona 6 years ago

Hammer459 I can't understand what you mean. The category "Photography" exists in software manager. There is no need for a new category or new software, but only to sort excisting package descriptions into the right category.

Hammer459 6 years ago

As long as they are in graphics, we cannot have an overabundance of categories.
Please note that most software available comes from other repositories, such as Ubuntu.