Turn off bluetooth by default (optional)

  6 years ago

I've been using 17.1 cinnamon and I noticed that at startup bluetooth is always turned on. When I'm using the battery, bluetooth cause a faster battery drain since I usually forget to turn it off.
Turning off bluetooth by default would not just use less battery but also less CPU resources.
So I think it'd be a great idea to let the user decide wich default value he wants for the bluetooth (on/off).
Unless there's a reason for it to be on by default.
Thank you for your time. :)
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luisbraganca 6 years ago

@AnxiousInfusion actually my bluetooth doesn't persist through restarts since I have to disable it every time I turn on my laptop :/ (notice that I'm using Rebecca).
@ratisbona that's why I used the word "optional": You may have your bluetooth turned on/off every time you turn on your PC depending on your choice.
@Hammer459 If bluetooth is on, that means that there are threads/processes constantly waiting for bluetooth signals, and that requires a few CPU (not much, but since you can save some CPU resources, why not going for it?)
It shouldn't be that hard to make (maybe after booting into mint, running a command to read your bluetooth's last state?)

zantaz 6 years ago

I nevermind this feature ... but its better that turned off by default ... You are right ... but @Hammer459 told You when no traffic no CPU time begin used ... He is right too ...

ratisbona 6 years ago

Some keyboards or mice may need bluetooth. But as BT has it's security issues, and most users don't need it, I support disabeling it by default.

Hammer459 6 years ago

Not that Bluetooth uses any measurable CPU unless there is traffic.
But I can agree that there is little need for Bluetooth to be enabled by default, unless you select that.