Batch download theme cache

  6 years ago

Even on a broadband internet connect downloading the entire theme cache in Cinnamon can take a long time. Perhaps it would be better if it downloaded a smaller batch at a time. For example it will download cache for 50 themes and then another 50 if the user clicks on "view more."
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xenopeek 6 years ago

Ideas for Cinnamon should be posted to the Cinnamon developers on their collaboration space:

jahid_0903014 6 years ago

@Hammer459 By theme cache he didn't mean entire theme, I presume, rather it 's the list of available themes..

For me it was very annoying, when you click on view more/themes a pop-up appears saying something like downloading list or such and then continued for so long to annoy me as my connection isn't that speedy.

If it is going to show a list why not download it synchronously, and show the list continuously when downloading, i.e show first 1 item, download another one and add it to the list to show, then another one. In this way user will be able to see always some progress. But it downloads all the list of the available item and show it at once, and in the mean time the popup downloading message window prevails.

I haven't used cinnamon for quite a time, so not sure if this annoying thing is fixed yet or not...

Hammer459 6 years ago

Why on earth would I want to download 50 or more entire themes??