Add "tile windows [vertically|horizontally]" to context menu

  12 years ago

I suspect this idea could belong to Gnome, but since Gnome is not the most easy project to add wishlists, and Mint tends to cofigure a lot of context entries itself...

The suggestion is to add "tile windows" to context menu. For those people who work on translation, text copying, reading and drawing, and the like, maximize screen real estate is very important.

This is a trivial thing to do in other systems, but afaik the only decent way to do it is X-tile, which require an extra program to do a simple desktop trick.
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RayWoods 10 years ago

Sorry Guys, this is outside the gift of the Linux Mint Developers.

New > Rejected

timoto 11 years ago

I would like this too.

justin 12 years ago

@Roin that is also the link I found as well. I'm sure the reason X-tile is used with Gnome is because Metacity doesn't support it natively. But you could add X-tile + the associated tiling command to the context menus. Of course there are such things as tiling window managers like IceWM....

Roin 12 years ago

First thing would be to research of Metacity (the GNOME window manager) is even able to do it. Since Metacity is probably the worst Window Manager you can think of, chances are low that it can do tiling anyways.
Other Window Managers like IceWM can do such things, but they do not integrate that well with GNOME.
I found this after 5 seconds of googling, not really sure if its something that should be added to Mint:

justin 12 years ago

This tiling software probably exists because tiling isn't easily achievable with the current Gnome setup or it was rejected from upstream sources. While it may not seem like a large issue to integrate something like this, it may very well be.

If nothing else, I suspect context menu entries can be added which reference X-Tile. That could probably be easily achievable with scripts, I'll look and see what can be done.

thx1138 12 years ago

I'd really love to have this as a default function.
Having tiling windows with gnome AND keeping your desktop flavor is a long road to go so far.