Brightness conservation between shutdowns

  4 years ago

I use LMDE 2 with Cinnamon, but if I used MATE, I would need the same.

I hate having to low brightness every time I start the laptop and login.

There is a similar idea proposed around, but I find necessary not to restrict the proposal to Cinnamon edition. I think it is a general improvement.
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Hammer459 4 years ago

Store setting in file and load at boot as @MintChip suggests does not make any sense whatsoever. DE brightness is user dependent and also DE dependant. 2 users on the same machine can in fact have different DE and different expectations on brightness.
This is and will remain a question for each DE, wwhich is no doubt one reason the mods have rejected this idea.

MagicMint 4 years ago

@MintChip: “Set at boot” is exactly what I was saying — setting a value is hardware dependent, and isn’t as reliable as it should be. So your remark is meaningless.

Hammer459 4 years ago

@MintChip it is correct that Cinnamon was originally developed by and for Mint. Since then several Distros have taken in Cinnamon and the development is a project of it's own with more interested parties. Most of the development is still done by Mint people but it is not strictly a part of Mint anymore.
MATE was never a part of Mint. It was a fork of Gnome 2 for Perberos and Arch. Mint and our @clem was instrumental in making MATE popular by packaging it in Mint 12. Today it is official in many Linux and BSD distros.

MintChip 4 years ago

@Hammer- as I see it, Cinnamon and Mate are a big part of Mint and are developed by the same teams, so it does fall within the Mint remit.

Has one of the team ever commented on this? If the team agree that desktop ideas are out-of-scope, it needs a visible comment as such front and centre to avoid the noise generated by all these ideas.

@MagicMint- when user changes brightness, store the value in a file, set at boot. Simples!

MagicMint 4 years ago

From my experience, this kind of stuff is also highly dependent on your hardware as well as on the kernel you use. Thus your idea might not be as easy to implement as it could seem.

Hammer459 4 years ago

Posting suggestions and as in this case possibly an error, regarding Desktop Environments is pointless as Mint uses 4 Desktops. All of them are developed by separate development teams around the world. That is why you have to post your suggestion to MATE team
@ManuelMB you are correct that the DE should retain settings between startups so your psot is absolutely valid but not here.
@MintChip it is rather pointless to promote an idea that is out of scope, generally impossible or has been rejected before

ManuelMB 4 years ago

I was not sure if posting so as not to repeat ideas, but I go further than Cinnamon. I not only propose this to LMDE's but in general sense. MintChip, thank you, I am new and appreciate your words.

MintChip 4 years ago

Agree 100%, however there's a small clique of users here that just seem to enjoy downvoting everything for no good reason (just look at say the last 3 pages of most recent ideas), so don't hold your breath.