Connect Cinnamon and MATE Discussion to Community Site

  4 years ago

Ideas posted here often center around the Cinnamon and MATE DE's, most of them being Cinnamon-related. These ideas get shot down quickly by certain moderators because the ideas are DE-specific. This is obviously an extremely confusing thing for users of this site, even after efforts to add communication about this concept to the site.

Since Cinnamon was started by the Mint team, and still has an innate connection with Mint, perhaps the two should have some type of connection point here on the LM community site, such that any ideas that involve both can be flagged and become visible to the Cinnamon part of the team. They get notified that there is Cinnamon-related discussion and can choose whether or not to take part. Perhaps put checkboxes on the New Idea page that someone posting an idea can check to say that this is for Cinnamon. Same for MATE, since Clem is involved with that development team as well.

I think it would be good and infinitely more productive to have a bit more unity (no pun intended) between the LM community and the DE's that the LM team is directly involved in.
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jahid_0903014 4 years ago

I wanted to open a feature request, but got discouraged by 939 open issues.

MagicMint 4 years ago

@Rebel450: Oh yes they’re alive, but very few ;-)

Rebel450 4 years ago

did you ever got any response from github ... ?

MagicMint 4 years ago

I forgot: voting on the Linux Mint side is a good measure of the acceptance of an idea. This is something which is lacking on GitHub, although the opinion of the Cinnamon community should count as a whole.

jahid_0903014 4 years ago

I could agree on cinnamon (only), but still the idea related to specific DE should be in their rightful places, for cinnamon:

LM is not the only distro that uses cinnamon. Whatever changes you make in cinnamon it will affect other distros as well.

But still, the opinions of the community on cinnamon related ideas should count for something... at least that's what I think.

MagicMint 4 years ago

It’s true, the idea pools for Linux Mint and the main DEs have become somewhat dissociated. But fact is, the epicenter of the development of Linux Mint as a distro and Cinnamon as a project on his own has been on GitHub for quite a time now.

That means two different things: bug reports, pull and feature request all have to be posted there, and on the other hand, the number of subprojects increased, and so did the level of noise too, but GitHub is still better in handling that. So the question remains: how to filter out relevant ideas here, and to redirect them there ?

lib2know 4 years ago

@mikefreeman good point
even it can be interesting for the Desktop-communities when they can find out here how we the LinuxMint-Community as "customers" see their product. To me these ideas should have a home here, as well.
If a idea finds lots of support it is a good moment to post it at the Desktop-Communities.

Hammer459 4 years ago

Ooh and the same is even more obvious for MATE that was not at all developed by Mint. As much as @clem is the head of Mint development, do you want him to filter any ideas before they get to the DE development teams?? I do not! (No disrespect of @clem the same would apply to anyone that is not me :-) )

Hammer459 4 years ago

I suspect that the issue is that Cinnamon is used in many distros that perhaps want input. Thus any suggestions need to be at Cinnamon site.
I do agree that it should be more obvious what ideas should be posted here. There has been suggestions about some kind of intro text but I have no idea what happened to that.