Folder View As a Bookshelf

  5 years ago
  Under dev. review

I wish i had a folder view which resemble a bookshelf/almirah/showcase etc. Based on the contents of the folder, the cupboard populates the icons(presently folder emblems) on each shelf. So,


can be represented as a cupboard with a 'DVD' shelf and a 'Books' shelf.

Thus, to enter the Books folder, i can just double click the Books icons in the bookshelf.

This idea may make us feel at home while we use a computer. Its like living inside it. :)
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MagicMint 5 years ago

A neat idea, but it’s a paradigm so radically different from today’s standards, that it would require a complete revamping of the user interface (not that it had not been tried unsuccessfully from time to time in CS). @Hugh-HH is probably right: me neither wouldn’t like to live inside a computer ;-)

mideal 5 years ago

While this is only a neat optical effect (in my eyes)
- a link "Books" or "Music" should be clear enough, and fast to access -,
why don't you use the emblems provided?

Hugh-HH 5 years ago

I demote the idea.
If I wish to look at a book shelf I turn my chair around, there it is. Real life is real life, and computer is computer for me.

mikefreeman 5 years ago

I would be cool with this, but it would probably require a completely different file manager, since that job is currently spread between several different file managers, depending on which edition of Mint you're using (Cinnamon=Nemo, MATE=Caja, KDE=Dolphin, XFCE=Thunar), which is a fairly large project.

Hammer459 5 years ago

This idea sounds kind of nice. I am a little hesitant as to if the benefit outweighs the implementation effort and how this should be configured as to not be too complicated.