Reflected Mouse Cursor

  5 years ago

When i select the 'Left Handed (mouse buttons inverted)' option, I wish the mouse cursor gets reflected accordingly...
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Hammer459 5 years ago

@AjvarXX by the fact that the Moderators rejected the idea 6 days ago I suspect that they agree that the idea is not in the scope of Mint.
If it is a matter of configuration, which I believe it is, then it is in the realm of themes. Themes will override any defaults configured anyway.

AjvarXX 5 years ago

@Hammer459, you wrote yourself that you aren't sure if there is a single place for such idea. So why wouldn't you write about the idea itself instead of what you think about it's place to be written.. oh, wait... you already wrote "do not care one way or the other about the idea as such" so there would be a nice place to stop. Period.

As for my opinion about the idea itself... It's good as long as enduser has options to choose one or another. Perhaps it should be done by Linux Mint itself whenever tet is written from right to left no matter what theme or cursor is chosen.

MagicMint 5 years ago

I think it’s a valid idea, and it’s posted even in the right place, as it’s a simple configuration issue. I was always wondering that there are lots of accessibility options, but none to revert the mouse pointer, be it for left-handed persons or for the sake of right-to-left scripting systems — in both cases, it’s a question of ergonomics IMHO ;-)

There are two-folded cursors in the repositories already, so the selection could be done as suggested by @kamalthekingpin , provided there is a pair of analogous mouse themes…

Hammer459 5 years ago

@mideal All language packs are inherited so if it is a language issue, and I think not snce @kamaltheking is from India, it is an upstream issue.
Default mouse theme could be construed as a Mint issue, assuming that there is support for changing mouse pointer depending on mouse settings. That would be a DE issue and Desktops are developed by other teams having their own sites.

mideal 5 years ago

That would then be an issue to solve by the i18n/l10n teams.

mideal 5 years ago

@balckdizel: I think you're right.
@Kamaltheking: I cannot imagine the reason for your wish,
but as is only a mouse theme "problem", you really should
ask one of those guye who supply such (see
Mirroring the mouse icons could be done in a few minutes.

While writing this there was an ah!-effekt:
If the reason is to use such reflected mouse cursirs is
for wrting in right-to-left languages, than
*of course* this is a Linux Mint issue!

Hammer459 5 years ago

I do not care one way or the other about the idea as such but it is not an idea in the scope of Mint.

Hammer459 5 years ago

No logic collision at all. Do the work behind the scenes once and you have to do it a thousand times. Corrrect the behaviour and you do it zero times.
And also, if someone were to transpose suggestions here to some other team the person posting would filter and impose their own views on the first post and the idea could end up altered or even disposed.

blackdizel 5 years ago

So strange. User write a suggestion, and you write noone will "work for you". I see some logic collision here.

Hammer459 5 years ago

@blackdizel this is a difference. In Linux there is no monolith. Unless you buy one of the commercial distros you have to do some work by yourself. The only exception would be Ubuntu, where you get all in one but no built in alternatives.
You expect someone, working for free, to do that work for you? Sorry, but there is no free lunch. Free as in no money and freedom of choice comes at the price of having to do some work yourself.

blackdizel 5 years ago

enduser didn't see OS like Linux core + linuxmint + desktop. They use linuxmint as blackbox, so wrote all suggestions here. If they wants reflected cursos, they wrote it to blackbox developers on suggestions site.

if default installed theme cannot reflect cursor, put into distro theme, which can do it.

If you don't want this, write disclaimer on top of this page. Like "suggestion about cinnamon write here:<link>, suggestion about Linux write here:<link>, didn't write to us anything"

Hammer459 5 years ago

This is a suggestion that you need to post to the developer of the Desktop you use and/or the developer of your theme