Add a "How to pimp your new Linux" in the Tutorial/Splash "Welcome to Mint" application

  6 years ago
  Under review

After a normal installation, most user would like to add a
personal set of applications, according to their needs and preferences.

A "What to do first/next" button would be a benefit:
It could give examples to
- get access to your mailbox
- setup GPG
- add your printer
- add your scanner
- add your computer to your local network
- care about your music (start xy and build up your music library)
- connect your mobile

and such things.

Just for the beginners, to make them feel more comfortabel.
Most "noobs" I met are really thinking they have to install dozens of programm first - not knowing they already got everything on board
(like LibreOffice, Thunderbird, sane, Banshee, Brasero, VLC, ...).
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mideal 6 years ago

@Hammer: Yes, and I got a job, a family, and not so much of that.

The HowTos in the forums could be gathered,
and I don't think of something to search for and downlosd it after installing, it should be on board.

Firry 6 years ago

Have to agree that the user manual is more of an advertising booklet that provides little in terms of practical info. That came as a huge surprise when I first jumped on board. I expected the user guide to have all the answers, not just "ask the forum" (where you'll often get nowhere). It would be nice to have a step-by-step guide for users not yet accustomed to code and terminal windows.

MagicMint 6 years ago

This would need lots of tutorials, and the most basic of them would be “How to use a computer ?”…

lib2know 6 years ago

good idea to make LinuxMint more comfortable!
Having an assistant like thatwould enjoy me, as well.

Hammer459 6 years ago

Feel free to write that Tutorial :-)
Mint is driven by people donating their time for free...