Modernization of websites and blogs

  6 years ago

It must modernize sites and blogs that have a pretty old design and are not compatible with tablets and phones.

Websites and blogs must have a responsive design.
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Hammer459 6 years ago

@Rebel450 yes I could if I had like a thousand hours or so that I have no clue on what to do....
Unfortunately... I don't have that time

Rebel450 6 years ago

Hammer could do it ;-)

MagicMint 6 years ago

As usual, the design is a question of personal preferences, but the functionality could be improved indeed. And the question remains: who’ll do it ?

jonnymoon96 6 years ago

i believe most websites do this but a good idea

Hammer459 6 years ago

In general you are right. Problem is that there is nobody to do it. Everyone working with Mint donates their time...

And strictly speaking, must is perhaps a strong word :-)