Linux Mint OpenRC Editions

  6 years ago

Apparently: Linux Mint 18 and LMDE 3 would come with systemd....

I would like to see, with the fantastic Operating System Linux Mint, don't be tied to a single-boot system (which, apparently is quite intrusive, according to some system administrators). Do not want to see that Linux Mint and Mint Linux Debian Edition are slaves of systemd.

As certain people of Manjaro Linux Distribution do it, I would like that the developers of Linux Mint implement also editions of free Linux Mint of the garbage of systemd, at the time I would like to see that Linux Mint had his editions also with OpenRC how system of beginning. This way, the users can continue being free and to choose what they want to install....

Of course, I apologize for my poor English, but I would like very much this idea was considered by all. Best Regards.

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burjans 4 years ago

Agree, I have another solution, use Devuan like a base (

MagicMint 6 years ago

Even Debian had hard times to decide which init system to choose. It’s decent to wish that the Linux Mint team is knowing what they’re doing, but it’s too much to expect them to offer all of the systems available as options.

remoulder 6 years ago

This is an opinion not an idea and should be posted in the forums.

Hammer459 6 years ago

I do agree that systemd seems to be a particularly bad idea. IMHO although rc has its drawbacks, including slower start (considering that I have a boot time measured in seconds not a big problem) systemd sets the stage for the Linux version of "Registry mess".