Title bar height

  11 years ago

In these days of netbooks the vertical resolution of the page is often very restricted, quiet often to 600 pixels. With this in mind, may it be beneficial to reduce the height of the title banner to the barest minimum, obviously with the Mint Logo on one side. Let's face it, once seen, this is "dead space" as it is the bit below that users are really interested in and in need of as much of the available space possible. The Banner should also be made live, to transport users back to the home page.
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zaenal1234 11 years ago

yes,its true.

clem 11 years ago


clem 11 years ago

Good point

RayWoods 11 years ago

Agreed but the more (important) content that can be seen on the screen without scrolling the better.

dawgdoc 11 years ago

Agreed with the "live" banner. I don't have a netbook, but won't the users be scrolling down most pages to see content even with a smaller banner?