Connecting Cinnamon related ideas to the community by the community

  6 years ago
  Under review

It's a proposal to the Linux Mint community members.

We can connect Cinnamon related ideas to this community site and reach out our thoughts to the dev team ourselves.

The Cinnamon DE related ideas go to the github reporitory:
and this is the standard place to make the dev team aware of our requirements.

My proposal is for members who want to put cinnamon ideas here to do this:

1. Open an idea here
2. Open an issue in github with brief explanation of your idea.
3. Put a link to the idea page in github issue and also put a link to the github issue in your idea page.

Thus the dev team will be aware of our votes and comments i.e the words of the LM community will reach out to the dev team, and the community can put comment on your issue and provide support (if they are associated with Github).

To make this work, all members of the community will need to cooperate.

My proposal for all members:

1. Evaluate cinnamon related ideas according to their content not by judging if they are in right place or not.
3. Help new users with new cinnamon related ideas on how to edit that idea for better by putting a brief comment on their idea page.

I think, this way, we can reach out our voices to the right places without changing anything at all.
Latest comments
jahid_0903014 6 years ago

Yeah, that's right.

thnks for all the support...

Rebel450 6 years ago

For Cinnamon we will need a bigger change than just a more direct link
to the devs than before.

And I have the feeling
Clem is knowing that.

Anyway - your suggestion promoted :-)

jahid_0903014 6 years ago

good point. I will share link to this idea to the new members when they put cinnamon related ideas (only if I like that idea :D). That way it will get some attention.

Rebel450 6 years ago

I agree with you - but

what is the sense of this ideas section -
if no one to whom it belongs (the devs imo! )
takes care of it at all ?!

Then we can quit here and move to github anyway - or what ?

This issue is annoying me from the beginning, btw :-(

anyway; promoted.

MagicMint 6 years ago

It’s a good rule of conduct. Unfortunately, most of the ideas come in when people are experimenting with Linux Mint the first time, i.e. when they don’t know either about the Community website nor about GitHub yet. Afterwards, the problem is that good suggestions like this go lost in the noise of all submitted ideas, i.e. they ain’t visible any more :-(

logiciel-espion 6 years ago

Even if i will propably not participate, i like your idea... so good luck with this :)