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 Muli-monitor - Deskop icon alignment to primary monitor

Created 3 years ago, edited 3 years ago.
Status changed 3 years ago

15 votes

Would be really awesome to either have the icons auto-align to the primary monitor, or select which monitor to align them to.

vv Subjectivity for context vv

Based on Linux Mint 17.2 - Cinnamon

For instance, I have 3 monitors, and my main monitor is the center one, though whenever a new icon is added to my desktop for any reason, or if I align by name, they always currently align to the left monitor.

Being able to set them to always align to the center one would be great, since I use my desktop all the time, usually for temp space for stuff I'm working on, and moving the icons to the middle all the time is rather frustrating.


3 years ago

Yes, icon alignment would benefit from a rework. It should be more, or even fully configurable.  
3 years ago

Actually the same story even with one monitor;
new items always appears, LIKE IN WINDOWS BTW,
always at the left side of screen =
3 years ago

Is it not actually an idea for Nemo, since that's whats managing the icons, either way, I figured this site was for ideas for Linux Mint in general, and only specified my version because I always get asked when I post any ideas, I'm still new to the site, so I could be wrong?

Thanks for the comment.
3 years ago

This is a desktop specific idea that should be posted at the development site for the desktop. In the case of Cinnamon...  

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