Adding a Scanner Icon to System Settings>Hardware section

  4 years ago

Is it possible to add a Scanner Icon to the Hardware folder in System Settings, just like there is a Printer icon, so that a scanner can be added, configured and recognized by Cinnamon Mint?

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fred_B 4 years ago

I agree with MagicMint that it's probably unnecessary...
However, I don't use a scanner, so I'm in no position to decide if it's really needed or not. Chances are you have a reason for it. :)

MagicMint 4 years ago

This is probably unnecessary as all the tools are present already. If the scanner isn’t recognized automatically, you can use either Simple Scan from the menu, or the Printers item mentioned from the System Settings to add it manually. See Printers and scanners: how to install them in Linux Mint and Ubuntu about this.