Linux Mint 18 Solomiya

  5 years ago

Hello Clement!:) On behalf of our community on Facebook "Linux Mint for beginners" (, I want to thank You and Your team for the wonderful opportunity to use Your development: OS Linux Mint. Our Ukrainian users of Linux Mint very much. Some of our users in our community put the video on this topic, with some forums and such I am writing a practical guide for novice users to work with the working environment Xfce. Gradually among Ukrainian users is growing popularity of Your system. This proves that Ukrainians support a point of view regarding free software and contribute to this. I appeal to You with a big request and proposal on behalf of our community on Facebook, 18 call the next version Linux Mint, beautiful Ukrainian name: Solomiya.
Before writing this letter, our community held a poll and other names beginning With "s" for the name of Solomiya voted the largest number of participants.
We, the Ukrainian users of Linux Mint, sincerely ask You to give the next version the name of Solomiya: Linux Mint 18 Solomiya.

With respect and gratitude.
Andrey Ovcharov
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andrey81 5 years ago

Thanks for the support! Friends, I realize that maybe my suggestion is not to write exactly the right place, but wanted to be known that the team of developers.
I've already sent out where only could this proposal, but so far received no reply. When I get a reply from Clement, I promise to remove my idea from this section. Please, if you are not hard, tell him our proposal, since I am speaking on behalf of Ukrainian users of Linux mint. Thank you!

Rebel450 5 years ago

mhm, I think I`ll post just somewhere :-D

MagicMint 5 years ago

I think this kind of proposition should better go to the Linux Mint Blog when a new release is announced, or to the IRC channels, as @Hammer459 said.

Hammer459 5 years ago

Actually @Rebel450 it has no impact to the Distro as such and thus it is not an idea per se.
For a change @remoulder is correct and this belongs in the forums or the IRC

Rebel450 5 years ago

ah, of course is this an idea for Mint.

Rebel450 5 years ago

I guess you mean Соломія Крушельницька,
the famous soprano opera singer from Ukraine (?)

I vote for "Sophia" -
it sounds better and stands for beauty and real elegance:

lib2know 5 years ago

Fully supported !

remoulder 5 years ago

This is not an idea, please use the chat forum for such posts