Enlightenment Desktop for Linux Mint

  7 years ago

Enlightenment known as E most popular the version E17 is known for its stunning effects and high performance. It has wonderful features with addons activated as a matter of taste, highly vonfigurable desktop, application launchers, and modules to bing some features. It now supports Ecomorph a Compiz like desktop mode.

E17 will look fun with Linux Mint with all what Mint is popular for.

I tried E17 onto Mint Rosa and with lots of work in configuring it, I made it a perfect usable desktop.
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michelsaey 7 years ago

The idea is good. But the Mint team has already to support 4 great desktop enviroment wich al of them are great and important.

Feel free to suggest that you make and maintain a E version of Mint. ;-)

marcelo_atie 7 years ago

i think it will bring a lot of work to the team, so i think is better the team decide if it will not affect the support of Cinnamon, Mate, KDE ...

Amitx86 7 years ago

I will provide configs of my E17 setup with customs profiles those who are good at codings work on it to create a PPA

fred_B 7 years ago

Sounds cool! If any of you seriously want to look into a E version please let me know! I might want in, lol!

I will warn, though, that I spoke to Clem recently about a separate idea and he said that community editions weren't really a focus of Mint anymore. He's a lot more involved now and "more demanding." :-)

onstrike 7 years ago

You could just install it.

MagicMint 7 years ago

E’s modernism is diametrically opposed to Linux Mint’s famous conservatism. But as a user-maintained toy desktop environment, why not…

Hammer459 7 years ago

That would work for me :-)
I will contact you....

Amitx86 7 years ago

So why not we users create and maintain one E version of Mint?

Hammer459 7 years ago

E is a great environment. But this idea has been posted several times, everytime rejected for the same reason. There is no resource available to create and maintain one more variant of desktop spin