Include a better, easier tool for frequent backups. Maybe luckybackup?

  10 years ago

Something I find lacking in linux desktop distribution is a good, easy tool for the frequent backup of everyday files. MintBackup is definitely not such a tool.

I've been lately trying out luckybackup ( and I think it's worth considering whether something like it should be bundled with Mint.
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austincurr 7 years ago

I'd say improve mintbackup- add a system image/whold drive backup option or something.

Mad-Cow 7 years ago

Deja-dup/duplicity is very good, and has the advantage over lucky backup of encryption, allowing it to be used for cloud storage.

oscar799 8 years ago

I'm marking software inclusion requests as "Considered" and sending the detais to Clem

smoke32882 8 years ago

Dude this website will help you rock it should work on mint
(Have not tested you can slap my hand if no worky. (or hit me up and I will make it work))
I just want to say goodbye UBUNTU hellloooooo mint!

This is what will help you make it work.
print "python + above site + cronjob = : )." (this is python humor)

os.system(espeak "hello fourm")

blueXrider 9 years ago

I agree with @trollboy here.

You might try Flyback

trollboy 9 years ago

Back-in-Time is a simple and easy backup tool. I can't compare it to Mint Backup or lucky backup or indeed any other as it's so good, I have no reason to change.

Despite promoting this idea,I think the comments show the problem. We all have our favourite and think it should be the default -_-

hasuin 9 years ago

It is true that mintbackup is slow and not very convenient in the end. I also think that grsync does a very good job and is very fast. The scheduler option is there with gnome-schedule (the only thing I could not do yet is to configure anacron but I just need to read the doc). All of it could be installed and pre-configured in Mint, then no need of another software.

jajodo 9 years ago

Like the idea that quick and clean backup is needed.
Personally I have found the combination of rsync and cp to be very powerful and fast.
I back up my home to an ESATA drive (directory "current") with GRSYNC.
When finished GRSYNC automatically calls a short script (pointed to under "extra options"). Its really just a command but I couldn't get it to run from GRSYNC without a script.

cp -alr /ESATA/MY/DIRECTORY/current /ESATA/MY/DIRECTORY/backup-`date +%y%m%d`

-Each run overwrites "current" with the home directory providing a full backup in the time of an incremental.
-The script then copies "current" to a directory whose name includes today's date. It copies only hard links so it takes about 5 seconds and only the space of an incremental backup.
-Each run takes maybe 30 seconds and I have a directory of full backups labeled by date that are space efficient due to hard links.

mikeb 9 years ago

There's even a gui in development for FSarchiver (gpyfsa) ...which would be very useful for more than just Mint

DeMus 9 years ago

Try Grsync, the graphical GUI for Rsync. It works great, you can do anything the way you want to do it and it is in the repositories.

joe1 9 years ago

Maybe we could do something with Grsync, which is a GUI for rsync. The only it's lacking is a scheduler option.

Raven95 9 years ago

After Trying The Software I Fully Support This Idea

wanda 9 years ago

Mint backup is ein gutes program aber nicht fuer mein tagliche backups auch ist es leider sehr langsam.

joe1 9 years ago

Mint Backup is nice, but not very quick. Using a backup tool based upon Rsync would improve the effectiveness; Also, a "fire and forget" kind of backup tool like "Back In Time" is also more effective.

jaaxx 10 years ago

I think the Mint backup tool, along with the choices in the repos are adequate for now. Btrfs is right around the corner and should really change the game in terms of Linux backup solutions.

thx1138 10 years ago

Rsync is installed by default. Adding some of rsync's functionalities to mintBackup is better than adding another backup app into Mint.

fixus971 10 years ago

Hi. I learned that a backup isn't useful if it isn't automatic done every day. Good Luck ^_^

Schiphol 10 years ago

@ikey: Yep, this idea was posted before you redid MintBackup :)

Alexio 10 years ago

Flyback is a simple GUI to make backups for Linux Mint in the Time Machine style.

pbmuk 10 years ago

I am using GRsync, which is working nicely