Language packs / iso-localize on DVD version

  10 years ago

There is ample space on the DVD version to add the language packs.

I suggest that they are added so that even on a non-internet connected box, Mint can be installed and localized.

Pre-install the iso-localize tool on the DVD version, so that localized versions can be made OOTB.
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Jon_Saxton 7 years ago

I heartily approve of the idea of putting language packs onto the DVD version of linux mint. I tend to install more than once (multiple computers and/or multiple operating systems) and since I am using a slow satellite service with limited download capacity it costs me a lot to download the language packs every single time.

For the distributors of mint, maintaining multiple language versions might be a problem. The best solution would be to provide a way to slipstream one's chosen language packs onto the .iso image and make the language packs available for separate downloading. Then one could download language packs just once.

That would open up another issue, namely how to do the .iso patch. It might be necessary to provide a slipstream tool for each operating system on which the .iso is hosted. However that is a problem to be solved just once.

This is probably an ubuntu matter rather than just a mint one.

stel 8 years ago

I am sorry to see this idea rejected. A DVD version has more than ample space for language packs and there is a huge amount of people who always ask me about a Linux Mint version with language packs already included. The answer is always, no, there isn't any. And, it seems, there is never going to be one for reasons that do not make any sense to me.

oscar799 8 years ago

In view of the reservations expressed by justin i am marking this idea "Rejected"

justin 10 years ago

@heltonbiker - I was addressing the comment below about the CD version, sorry for the confusion mate!

As far as language packs on the DVD, it's an interesting point. I suspect they could be added at the sacrifice of some space in order to give an out of the box experience in a native language. The difficulty comes in when thinking about the adverse affects of the language packs, i.e. largely increasing the size of the iso to support localization which may be too big to download for some people on connections slower than 56k. They will go ahead and download the standard iso to save time and possibly money (at least I would think so) and not benefit from the packs on the DVD.

heltonbiker 10 years ago

It's very clear in the idea's text that @Wamukota is talking about the DVD version only. I strongly support the idea that, <>, the extra space should be used for extra benefit, and the language installation has always been a somewhat long part of the installation, specially when done from LiveUSB (which by the way probably has some extra space for the language packs).

justin 10 years ago

The standard cd ISO is already almost 700mb, there is not much space at all to include the translations, which like @ikey has said, exceed 300mb.

Beat me with the second post about iso-localize..but yes it's meant to remaster systems natively, it's not for use in a live ISO environment.

semoggg 10 years ago

very good idea!

thx1138 10 years ago

Im sure there's some space left on the cd version as well.
Very good idea. I'm happy about iso-localize running without any issues, but having a choice on start up with a default iso from is a more elegant way for new users. And you won't have to process AND host all availabe iso files.