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  10 years ago

When you search for something using the filter box, it disappears if you pass with the mouse over other menu items. Maybe the results should be more persistent (at least 2 second hover).
Sorry for my bad English!
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RayWoods 8 years ago

New > Implemented

guismo 9 years ago

Thanks DJCrash.
But still, why does the text on the search bar have to disappear when we hover over another item? Or/and why the hovering will not show the item untill the timing of the search bar is over and it disappears?

Could we not have both? The text on the search and seeing the items over the mouse?

JarlArntzen 9 years ago

This works so well. I suggest setting the default to 500 ms for a lot less "WTF...?" when using the menu search feature. I actually didn't intend to investigate this and just decided to live with moving the mouse cursor quickly across the menu categories after entering some search term but luckily I came across this suggestion.

heltonbiker 10 years ago

@bedo2991: It works! I've set mine to 800ms and the problem is gone. Now, I still think this longer time (around 500ms perhaps) should be set by default.

bedo2991 10 years ago

I've set 500ms as the hover delay. Now it's more usable. Thank you DJCrashdummy! Maybe 500ms should be set as the default one.

DJCrashdummy 10 years ago

and the last thing in my mind to get this idea more simple and userfriendly:
get the 2 different behaviours done by only one checkbox in the settings-menu like "clear search only manually"!
--> and then show the "close"- or "clear"-button beside the filter-box to resume with the normal menu!

but like said before: it's not really important! ;-)

DJCrashdummy 10 years ago

another thing i can imagine is two different settings (like posted before) and a "close"- or "clean"-button beside the filter-box to clear it and resume with the "normal" menu!
--> but i think this will be the least user-friendly way! - two different settings, more clicks and so on...! not a really good idea! :-/

DJCrashdummy 10 years ago

i'm not sure that is the same thing you want, but look at:
menu (right click) --> preferences --> applications (3rd tab): you can edit hover-mode and time (in milliseconds) or by click and so on...!

--> the one thing i can imagine that is "new" at this idea is that you want 2 different settings:
one for the normal menu like now (changing by mouse-over) and another new settings after a search by the filter-box only by clicking!
--> but then it's the question what behaviour will it have when something in the menu is found... should it act like the normal menu (e.g. mouse-over) or like the search when no entry is found (given by new settings)!

but more or less i think it's not very necessary! - there are other much more useful and important things to be done!