Link the computers hostname to > /var/lib/bluetooth : config file < by default

  7 years ago
  Under review

This will reduce the users helplessness.
Still on Ci 17.3 an issue :-(
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remoulder 7 years ago

If this is an issue it should be posted as a bug not an idea

Rebel450 7 years ago

Hi Hammer459:
It is the very old issue that all Mint computers are named with "Mint0" -
this is really, really annoying when you have more than one computer running
Mint (Ci) and you want to connect via Bluetooth (I see 5x "Mint0"...)
And so
you have to edit the config file
(preferred) install "Blueman" from the SoftwareManager ...
(which is great stuff, btw :-) )
New users on Mint Ci will fail to find a quick and easy way out :-(

Hammer459 7 years ago

Why is this an issue? I installed a bluetooth device on my desktop and it works instantly with no further action. 17.3 w/ cinnamon