Your System is Up To Date; or is it?

  4 years ago

I really like Mint, tho I'm very new to it. (Been using Ubuntu 14.4 and Raspian mostly.)

Just want to mention something that threw me a few times before I caught on to the way Mint does things.

First, I opened Menu and then searched to reach UPDATE; later sessions I discovered the little shield on the lower right toolbar. (Just fyi, in Raspian {Debian for Raspberry Pi} UPDATE is a different function than UPGRADE).

Thing is, the Mint UPDATE MANAGER panel always said YOUR SYSTEM IS UP TO DATE. After a while I got suspicious (no OS is that 'done') and eventually worked out that I should click REFRESH. That got me into a long overdue major update session.

My idea is just that perhaps, particularly for the non-intuiting new users, a timestamp be added to the 'completion up-to-date' message.
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michelsaey 4 years ago

It's not an idea. You have misconfigured something here. The Update Manager checks automaticaly for updates, I think every hour by default. Please go to the forums for support, the link is below this page.

MagicMint 4 years ago

Normally, the Update Manager is working as expected, unless it gets mis-configured. And that is quite easy, because it has some (probably minor) bugs ;-)

Hammer459 4 years ago

This is not an idea, you must have changed some setting or you have a problem. Turn to Forums for support.
By default the Update Manager checks for updated packages shortly after login and then every hour.