TrueCrypt in standard installation

  12 years ago

TrueCrypt is an excellent piece of free/open software which allows users to easily encrypt their data. It has a very simple, straightforward but effective interface.

I think Linux Mint should include TrueCrypt in the standard Linux Mint disk. It would be useful to have access to it in LiveCD mode, as well as in a fresh installation.
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quake0 9 years ago

Any upate on this idea?

quake0 10 years ago

This idea has overwhelmingly high votes. Please implement.

DestinFaroda 10 years ago

Simply add it to the repository and I'll be happy.
Encryption slows down the system which is against my "fast, slim and efficient" credo, but my external drive does have AES containers with personal stuff inside, so I do need it from time to time.

Lopau 10 years ago

Just as Gurman and SeventhReign: Just include it in the Repository

quake0 10 years ago

We need this ever since we started getting drop box installed by default. Drop box is not encrypted from the users side.

quake0 10 years ago

Also I want this on the LXDE version.

quake0 10 years ago

I agree with this. We need easy encryption. Windows 2000 has easier encryption then most linux distros.

SeventhReign 11 years ago

Adding it too the repository would be very nice, but I see no need for it too be installed by default.

Even if it is one of the single greatest pieces of software ever developed :-D

blueXrider 11 years ago

Not needed.

Gurman 11 years ago

Include TrueCrypt to Mint repository.
But as default app ("from box") it may be not need.

Ioseph 11 years ago

Not needed for the average person.

thx1138 12 years ago

TrueCrypt is great, but an average user suffers from less performance and additional problems in every days use. I don't think it's worth it.

RayWoods 12 years ago

Yes, it is something that may even bring the UK's Ministry of Defence onside, judging by the number of laptops they loose with secret information upon them!!!!

Lopau 12 years ago

I'm also a fan of that piece of software, mainly for professional reasons. I totally agree.