Linux Mint Chromium Version

  3 years ago

Linux Mint Cinnamon is great and almost mimics Chrome OS

the pros of a fully operational OS are huge

Chrome OS lacks fully operational OS - therefore
a Chromium build (one that would default to the Chromium (Open Source) browser to mimic Chrome OS) would be a great benefit.

The second step would be to get this ISO to be able to install dual boot or overwrite existing chromebooks.

This would give Chromebook users a powerful OS

Would recommend using the WPS office instead, it much more Windows friendly. Also have some other default apps and tools on it pre-installed.

If it could integrate google docs and drive, even better.

The last step would be to partner with Chromebook vendors, to offer a mint version.
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remoulder 3 years ago

Linuxmint is a distro based on ubuntu and debian that offers usability and flexibility to a wide usergroup. The project has limited resources and developing a custom version based on a different base for a small number of potential users would not be an efficient use of those resources imo.

Hammer459 3 years ago

This is in my opinion not something that mint should focus on