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  6 years ago
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Dear Linux Mint users,

Ambassadors are Linux Mint users who communicate with their friends about the advantages of using Linux Mint.

This project is already working on some other Linux distributions and has been very effective in order to make known Linux distributions.

This kind of project is also very functional in Free Software Events and Universities, where local ambassadors support FOSS events in their communities.

This work is voluntary and driven by the desire to make free software more and more encouraged.

Just send a chat message to linuxmint on with your tumblr URL address (something like and your e-mail if you want to join the Linux Mint Ambassadors Team and be one of the community editors of the Linux Mint Ambassadors tumblr.

Best regards,

Alexio - maintainer of Linux Mint tumblr
Latest comments
Alexio 6 years ago

Thank you for promoting this idea, @Hammer459 !

There is a lot of valuable information about Linux Mint and GNU/Linux related projects that can be found on various well known websites (tumblr, reddit, YouTube, Softpedia, user forums, etc).

This kind of information is now automatically gathered on the Linux Mint Ambassadors tumblr.

To improve and promote Linux Mint, the community users can help by learning about ALL the Linux Mint users feedback (posted on different websites) and answering to the questions that are posted on various places, in different languages, not only on the official websites.

Hammer459 6 years ago

I'm split on this. On one hand we should all support this kind of Linux promotions. On the other hand this post does nothing to "improve Linux Mint or this website".
I guess I will promote just because @remoulder as usual post a random statement

Alexio 6 years ago

This is about promoting Linux Mint and all the GNU/Linux user experiences.

remoulder 6 years ago

This is self promotional and afaics nothing to do with the official linuxmint team, therefore not relevant here