Single Button Adminn Password Entry

  3 years ago

OK.. So.. I am Windowsw Refugee Noob..

Flame Off, for the moment.

How about a single click button that enters the admin PW, rather than running everything as Root?

Essentially so that one may maintain strong PW protocols, but not be forced to keyboard entry each time an installation or system mod is performed..

Being a noob, i'm def a ways away from being able to implement, but i'd think it would be just a few simple lines of code?


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Hammer459 3 years ago

No @squinty this is an example where we are adamant in keeping Linux as secure as can be. There are numerous suggestions on how to make Linux less secure and all get the same response, "No thanks!".

squinty 3 years ago

*another* linux sycophant..

if this is an example of your 'community', keep it.

remoulder 3 years ago

Linux is a secure OS by design and you should learn how things work by asking in the forums before suggesting changes which don't make sense..