Create skins that look like other OS

  3 years ago

Create a "look" that you can activate to apply to your installation, like if you were used to a MAC or Wintel GUI. Sorry it this has been suggested already.
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fred_B 3 years ago

After I stop shuddering at the idea of my computer looking like Windows... ;)
There are already several themes available that do just that.
For example: (Windows 7) (Mac OS X)

I haven't tried the Windows 7 one at all, though I did try the Mac one (for fun) on Ubuntu 15.10 a while back - it's a pretty good look-alike IMHO and is widely recommended. That is, for folks who are after the Mac look.
If you decide to try either--make a backup first in case something goes wrong!

Hammer459 3 years ago

There are dozens or more Themes available. This is not the responsibility of Mint. Mint provides a great Desktop that works in a Linux way (that is better than Mac or Window$ IMHO)